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Magic Alphabet Flashcards

(Make Learning Oh-so-fun)

  • Magic tricks that both parents and kids can manage

  • Each set contains 26 letter cards + 2 magic cards

  • Magic happens with just a slide!

$16.99 USD

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Merry Christmas

(Personalized with Photo & Name)

  • Celebrating Xmas with your kids by exploring the tradition of this festive season

  • Words to explore: poinsettia, snowman, mistletoe, reindeer, Santa Claus. . . and many more. . .    

$29.99 USD

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My ABC World

(Personalized with Photo & Name)

  • Taking an adventure with your kids in the ABC world to meet their favourite land and sea creatures

  • Words to explore: D is for Duck; G is for Giraffe; U is for Unicorn; W is for Whale. . . and many more. . .

$29.99 USD

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My Birthday Party

  •  Celebrating your kids' birthday with this unique gift - the best birthday gift to remember

  •  Words to explore: Birthday hat, candle, balloon, magician, banner. . . and many more. . . 

(Personalized with Photo & Name)

$29.99 USD


For our new series of word books:

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Around the World

(Personalized with Photo & Name)

  • Traveling around the world with your kids to explore the culture of different countries including country names, monuments, food. . .

  • Words to explore: Australia, Brazil, France, Japan. . . and many more. . .    

$29.99 USD

Phonics Skills


Words written in appropriate fonts to facilitate reading aloud activities

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Perfect & Unique

Birthday Gift

A personalized word book that your kid can relate to

Board Book


Facilitating development of fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination

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Asia / Australia: 7 - 10 days *

America / Europe: 12 - 15 days *

* In view of COVID-19, additional delivery time may be required

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